The Mexican Heavyweight

Chris “The Nightmare” Arreola has been a professional heavyweight boxer since 2003 and has a record of 36-5-1 with 31 wins coming by way of knockout. He has been in championship fights against some of the best in the game but has not been able to get over the hump and win a world title belt.

In 2009, Arreola challenged Vitali Klitschko (37-2, 36 KOs) for the WBC belt in Los Angeles, California amongst a crowd of 18,000. The Mexican boxer made an asserted effort to come forward in the early going and force pressure on Klitschko by throwing big shot after big shot. Unfortunately, most of his punches were blocked as Klitschko (6’7″) went on the defensive and used his height to control the range of action. Once it was known that Arreola could not hurt the Ukrainian, Klitschko began to line his big right hand up and fired it off frequently. Arreola took substantial punishment throughout the fight, and eventually retired on his stool in the 10th round as Klitschko was awarded the TKO victory.

Arreola got another chance at the belt last July as he faced the dangerous Deontay Wilder (36-0, 35 KOs) in a 12-round title bout at the Legacy Arena in Birmingham, Alabama. The fight was a mismatch all the way as Wilder controlled the pace with his superior athleticism and hand-speed. Arreola was knocked down in the 4th round after being unable to sustain a barage of punches and retired in his corner before the start of the 8th round.

Nevertheless, Arreola has had a solid career and has been one of the few Mexicans to put his stamp on the Heavyweight division.

“The most memorable moment of my career was when I beat Damien Wills. I guess it was because he was undefeated and I was undefeated and it was a big battle for California and we were both Heavyweights on the rise,” Arreola says.

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