Video Production

Airshow Sports is built on providing the highest production quality for sports highlights!


ALL of our videos are shot with high-definition, 4K cameras that catch every moment of the action.

It is important to us that any device our highlights are watched on are clear as day.  NO MORE LOW QUALITY HIGHLIGHTS!


What sets our videos apart from other highlight films is that our tapes actually TELL A STORY!  We specialize in FEATURES, INTERVIEWS & ATHLETE SPOTLIGHTS.  

Our cameramen are very accommodating to athletes so that talking in front of the camera is a piece of cake.

Presenting the point of view of the athlete is our main priority.


We are willing to work with you whether you already have film and just need some editing and personalization, or need us to go and shoot a game or event for you!

Pricing for our videos varies depending on what exactly you want.

CONTACT US!  (626) 233-7574